Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Camerabag x Finepix A500

I've been using Camerabag on my Mac for a wee while now... and have to say I love it. It takes good pics and makes them extra special... imho. Its like that secret recipe sauce that your mom adds to give her whatever that ooomff.

Let me show you. Here's a pic I took today with a wee point-and-click (Fujifilm Finepix A500) of the Roman Bridge in Strathclyde Park, Motherwell:

141009_ Strathclyde Park_ Roman Bridge 001

5mp shooting on a 3:2 ratio. The camera is nothing special... but it is wee and handy in my Manhattan Portage bag. The pic captures the variety of colours in the trees and the nice reflection in the water.

141009_ Strathclyde Park_ Roman Bridge 001 (Camerabag'd Instant) (287/365)

Here is the pic altered using the "Instant" filter in Camerabag and a nice wee rounded border. The pic is more red / brown... with an aged feel. It looks more like a postcard or a pic your grandparents would have on their fireplace.

Whilst it does change the pic... and remove some of the green... it does, imho, give the pic something extra... something soulful and moving.

141009_ Strathclyde Park_ Rowing Tower 001

Here's another example... this time of the Rower's Tower in the Loch itself. I love the reflection that you get on the water here... I have snapped the tower many times in the last so many years... its a sight I don't tire of.

141009_ Strathclyde Park_ Rowing Tower 001 (Camerabag'd Helga)

Using the "Helga" filter within Camerabag... it makes it more "lomo"... adding the vignetting and over exposing the pic. Not to everyones' taste... but it works for me. It makes it more visual and interesting.

In summary... I like it... and think I have found a winning combination. The Finepix A500 camera is an ok camera... nothing special... it takes a good photo albeit one that lend itself better to greens & blues. It was gathering dust in my drawer before I picked up Camerabag. With it... the scope is so much greater... it adds soul to the pic... and that, for me, is a big deal.

Whilst its not the authentic "real deal" of film... that elusive aesthetic that I am searching for... it does allow me to bring the A500 out of retirement... and fills the gap between my Nikon d60 and my iPhones. That's why its a big deal to me.


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