Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some retail therapy for a Saturday afternoon...

Found three sweet sites that I thought I'd draw your attention to...

First up... we have some sweet leather Moleskine covers from a wee grassroots project based out of San Francisco, California.

According to the site... their covers are made of the finest quality natural leathers with handmade workmanship... produced with no harmful chemicals... they aim to provide a durable ecofriendly product with simplicity, beauty and functionality built in.

At 40 bucks... they are a luxury but then... if you spend your hand earned dough on a Moleskine... then you probably dig good paper and would want to keep it extra special. is a fab wee tee shirt site with a difference. Their tees are limited to 24 hours. Literally... here today... gone tomorrow. I like that concept... and the tees are pretty reasonable too - 14 bucks for a tee to your door in the UK... this is one to bookmark and check out daily.

Lastly... vmjess' store on etsy has some superfab camerastraps... both over-the-neck SLR ones and over-the-hand point-and-click ones. They are wild and gaudy... but in a good way... far better than the corporate ones that come with your camera.

I particularly liked this one :: Reversable Laguna Bloom and Stripe :: but I can't imagine everyone liking it. Maybe thats why I like it so much.

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