Sunday, October 18, 2009

A wee trip to Peebles

171009_ around Peebles_ 030 (camerabag'd instant)

Spent yesterday afternoon in Peebles with Olly and the we'ans. I brought all a few of my cameras [ iPhone, Nikon d60, Holga 135 & Vivitar IC101 ] to capture the moment... and celebrate World Toy Camera Day.

It was a glorious day to wander around such a beautiful town. There are a number of charity shops on the High Street... I have been very fortunate in a day gone by... picking up a pair of 501s... but yesterday wasn't my day. Olly picked up a sweet handbag... Dayna got a pair of Levi's... and Miriam found a fab jigsaw that we'll be working on today. I did find Bjork's "Army of me" CD single and "the Naked Gun 2.5" soundtrack... which is pretty cool, I suppose.

Anyway... I've uploaded two sets of pics to Flickr :: my original pics... taken with my Nikon d60 and a small selection of faves that I have "camerabag'd" :: check them out... leave a comment or something.

Good times.


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