Friday, October 16, 2009

This looks way cool :: the GLO bible

I saw this on and actually thought wow.

I thought wow for three reasons...
  1. There's a Christian "thing" on psfk.
  2. Its a Christian "thing" that gets digital & interactive... and appears to get it right... hence why its on psfk (imho) as well as The Telegraph
  3. It has so much potential - whilst it is only for Windows at the moment... ports to the Mac & the iPhone are in the offing... and, as such, make it exciting.
It appears to get it right because it looks normal, if that makes any sense? Apart from the Evangelical assertions in the promo (above) regarding the perfectness of God's word... it doesn't appear to have the latent "cheesiness" of products produced within and exclusively for the "Christian bubble world".

Looking at the specs makes it all the more impressive:
  • Over 7500 encyclopedia articles
  • 463 virtual tours with 360 degree views detailing how certain historical cities looked in the past and present
  • 2,382 high res photos
  • 3.5 hrs of video
  • 147 zoomable maps
  • 689 works of art
All this takes up 18 gigs of hard-drive space... which isn't that much on laptops these days, I suppose.

As for potential... I read this in their "socialise" section
More social components coming soon through free web updates, including interactive Bible studies, sharing notes, accountability tools and methods to encourage and keep up with friends.
I hope this includes existing tools like Twitter... instead of creating their own proprietary version. I think they should look to youversion for inspiration on how to do this right.

I honestly never thought I'd say this but I am impressed. Well done Glo!

Now... to wait for the Mac version. For more... go here.

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Angus Mathie said...

Looks fantastic Thomas. Can't wait to try it.


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