Friday, October 16, 2009


I was saddened today... oh, wait, yesterday... to hear that A-HA have split up after 25 years. I was then shocked to consider their first album :: Hunting High & Low :: is 24 years old. When did that happen? I still listen to that album... its one of a select few that both Olly & I love.

Anyway... the song in the video above :: The sun always shines on TV :: was the first single I ever bought... well, I think my dad bought it for me... but I did choose it. All mine in glorious 7" vinyl.

I would recommend that album to anyone... it still stands the test of time... and their noughties material has been very strong. I'm glad they kept on writing and performing new material rather than becoming a fixture on the retro circuit... living off what was and not what is.

Morten... Mags... Pal... both Olly and I will miss you. B-YE!!!


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