Friday, October 02, 2009

Three rolls of film_

Three rolls of film_ 014, originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

I've uploaded the best pics from 3 rolls of film that I got developed tonight.

When I say "best" I actually mean the ones that were reasonably legible & semi-decent... and when I say "got developed" I actually got the lassie in ASDA to just put the pics on disc and not print the pics... kind of the film equivalent of asking for a drink "straight, no chaser". Glad we cleared that up.

If you are a geek like me... you'll want to know all about the cameras I used... which were as follows:
* Holga 135
* Praktica TLR3
* Canon EOS 500n

You'd also get really excited about the film... that said, I used film I picked up in Poundland... I think one of the rolls was Kodak ColorPlus 200 ISO... but don't know what the other two rolls were.

I'm loving the Canon... but then that's the easiest to use - it is an automatic whereas the other two are manual.

As for the Holga & the Praktica... I think I have more work to do with them... I haven't mastered them by any means.

Go here to see the whole set. Please leave a comment if you like a pic... let me know what works for you. Only through your feedback can I grow.


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