Monday, October 19, 2009

New Moleskine goodies... coming soon

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My thanks to notcot #25,626 for the heads-up to some new goodies coming our way from Moleskine.

They are going to release "Moleskine Passions"...
...a collection of six different journals to record and recall memories, thoughts and notes about six different passions: Recipes, Wine, Book, Film, Music and Wellness.
and six new pieces with the "folio collection"...
...a collection of top quality large Moleskine formats, A4 and A3. Now 6 new items have been added, conceived for professionals who love to personalize their own desks and give value to them, in functional and aesthetic terms. It is also a set of tools Moleskine lovers can use to build their own "portable office", to represent themselves in all occasions and meetings.
The "Passions" notebooks contain the following:
  • Pages divided by printed tabs, with a themed layout for supporting you in taking notes.
  • Pages divided by blank tabs, that the user can personalize with the enclosed adhesive labels.
  • Blank pages for freedom of expression.
  • Enclosed adhesive labels, with words and icons.
  • Themed charts, calendars, glossaries, listings.
...And the new additions to the "folio" collection includes...
  • Post-it pocket (ruled and plain in one pack)
  • Card pocket (20 pcs in one pack)
  • Soft document holder
  • Moleskine printable A4 paper
  • Ring binder
  • Ring binder organizing Set
Sounds pretty exciting... can't wait to see them. The drop date looks like early 2010. Go here for more details.

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