Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three rolls of film_ 15th October 09

I've just uploaded three more rolls of 35mm film...

Vivitar IC101_ in Glasgow 003

First off... we have the pics from my Vivitar IC101. I am very pleased with them... they have the "toycamera" vibe I have been hunting for.

Canon Rebel G_ Strathclyde Park 141009_ 002

Next up... we have the pics from my Canon EOS 500n aka Rebel G. I am pleased with these pics too... but can't really differentiate them from my Nikon d60 dSLR... which then begs the question... what's the point of shooting film with the Canon if it doesn't do anything different/unusual?

Praktica MTL3_ 151009_ Alienware 001

Lastly... we have the pics from my Praktica MTL3 with a Macro lens. These pics are the ones I am least happy with... I just haven't got the manual SLR down yet... too dark... too blurry. That said... I do like the graininess and do see the possibility... if I can only understand how it works.

Let me know what you think... leave a comment on the Flickr page or something. I would appreciate your thoughts.


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