Monday, October 05, 2009

New Tunes :: Massive Attack's "Splitting the Atom EP"

I'm a huge fan of Massive Attack & it was a pleasure to discover a new EP was out there... Four tracks that are some what darker than there earlier material but a natural progression from their most recent work.

The first track_ the title track_ is a dark yet jaunty little ditty that bounces all with a hauntingly repetative keys sound... a slow dubby vibe that is both familar, especially when Horace Andy's vocals come in, and disconcerting.

"Pray for rain" is similarly familiar yet haunting... a scattering backbeat underpinning the whole track & suspense- filled atmospherics creating a deliciously substantial vibe... that builds very nicely... almost hypnotically... into some excellent vocal harmonies.

"Bulletproof love" is an exciting remix_ stripped back... lean... muscular... with poignant horns in places & a firm backbeat.

And "Psyche"... the last track... is intoxicating with a beautiful ambience and Siren-esque vocals that remind me of the lassie from Fever Ray & the Knife.

Well worth checking out.


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