Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lack of choice with the Pulse app

My three favourite iPad apps are, without doubt... Pulse Reader, Instapaper and Yahtzee.

If you have an iPhone or iPad (and I realise not everyone has an iPhone or iPad) then you really need these apps. Pulse Reader is a really sweet and visual RSS reader and Instapaper is app where I can send wordy long-form articles to for "off-line" reading.  I love these apps and use them daily.

However, there is a problem with Pulse Reader that is impacting on Instapaper... which is the result of Pulse's latest update. Part of the appeal of Pulse is that I can send things to my "Pulsememe" Posterous blog from my iPad (for some reason it has never been a feature of the iPhone app). I use this Posterous blog as a visual scrapbook of awesome things I have found while surfing the blogs within my Pulse. Its a great reference tool and something I can share with anyone interested... something I have curated.

Perviously, sending to the Pulsememe account was a separate option than sending to Instapaper... and this was something I liked. I tend to send visual posts to my Pulsememe and wordly articles to my Instapaper.

I don't send visual posts to my Instapaper... nor do I send wordy articles to my Pulsememe. Now I have to. The developers have set it so that all the "posting to" options are together (except to email, twitter or facebook). Therefore, if I want to post to Pulsememe or Instapaper I have no choice but put them together... or post to one then log out of that option and log into the other option and post again.

It doesn't work.

I would like to see posting to Pulsememe, Instapaper and Evernote (another fab app I love for my iPhone, iPad and Mac) as separate options... on a par with posting to email, twitter and facebook. In fact, I'd happily swap posting to email and facebook with posting to Pulsememe and Instapaper.

I'm not sure what went wrong... but without separate options, Pulse is losing its appeal.


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