Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Rolling Thunder" by The Hard Drive featuring my photo

My friend Wolfgang Merx in collaboration with another of my twitter friends Tom Emmons has created an awesome ambient soundscape... and the track features one of my pictures as the album art.

Its always a pleasure to work with Wolfgang... he gives me a loose remit and let's me interpret it as I like. For this release it was...
"I want to release the 29-minute-long track "Rolling Thunder" as a single. It's got a rather dark sound (hence the title)."
I looked back through my archives and suggested this photo :: 280111_ Near the Tron :: which was taken whilst on photosafari to the Barras in Glasgow... along with a few others. Wolfgang chose it... and the rest is history.

I'm delighted with its use... I feel its my way of giving back to the independent music scene I am part of.

Anyway... check out the track... if you like long-form Berlin school ambient electronic soundscapes then you will love Rolling Thunder.



Angus Mathie said...

Good choice of photograph - well done!

weareallghosts said...

Thanks dad!


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