Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grabbing a coffee with Marc de Ridder

120112_ Marc de Ridder

Marc de Ridder is one of my all-time favourite photographers and someone who I consider a mentor in my photographic journey. I was proud to work with him and consider him instrumental in the continuation and progression of the photo-safaris we held (need to get them going again).

120112_ Marc de Ridder's TLR 1

We used to have great discussions on cameras as well as the craft and process... so you can understand my delight when I caught up with him on Thursday past (12th January) for a coffee and he pulled this wee beauty out of his bag...

120112_ Marc de Ridder's TLR 2

The Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex is an amazing camera... and this one has a build that has last 70 years (give or take). It is tricky to use initially... but it's output is stunning in a film kind of way. I need to get the Yashica I was loaned out and about again.

120112_ Marc's vintage light metre

Marc also showed me another of his recent eBay purchases... a wonderful 60's light meter. He paid a quarter of the price for this one compared with the current-day equivalents... and had to get a wee doohickey to alter the batteries that could be used as the batteries used in the 60's are no longer in production.

I really love the idea of reusing old kit... I mean the build on this light meter was top dollar (as was the TLR)... it work really well and was very accurate. It even had an add-on to do spot reading... which is so cool.

Marc needed The Small Battery Company to enable him to use the light meter. Without them and their adapter for the battery pack, he couldn't use it. The device would be obsolete and just a nice paperweight. I like that.

Anyway... here's to mentors and the inspiration they bring. I'm going back to my film cameras.


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