Saturday, January 21, 2012

Uniform Motion posters framed and on my wall

210112_ Uniform Motion posters

One of my fave albums of 2011 was "life" by Uniform Motion. It didn't make my end-of-year list because it was released in 2010... but it was a distinct favourite.

Olly bought me the physical CD for my Christmas... and got me their limited edition poster pack too. As you can imagine I was over-the-moon... it's that good an album and I think the artwork is truly first class.

Today we took a wee trip to IKEA... where I picked up three frames for my most favourite of the posters. They are now on the wall in our wee office space in our house.

These posters demonstrate the power of artefact to me and show another way that musicians can creatively generate some additional cash.


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