Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Received... in the post :: hejorama.com travel notebooks

Its always nice to receive something in the post. Today I received two A6 Travel Notebooks from Hejorama.

Hejorama is a fab travel-orientated website that I only recently discovered. Their manifesto for travel is inspiring and I look forward to consuming the wide range of content they have on their site... from Food and Drinks, Art, Culture to Maps and How-Tos.

Here's an excerpt from their manifesto...

"...but we travel smarter. Faster. We travel in our ideas and passions and we travel the physical world with every opportunity. We are a new generation of travelers aided by cheap flights and massive social networks and online connectivity. This is our lifestyle. We are in perpetual motion. Yet we are aware that our license to more easily roam and learn the world, we have a great responsibility to build better communities and shape a stronger world."
I like that... and I liked their Facebook page... in do so, I won two of their Travel Notebooks... I was their 500th 'like'. I had no expectation as to what these Notebooks were and was delightfully surprised when I received them in the post tonight.

They are A6 and styled like a cahier. On one side is blank paper for your "chronicles" on the other side (flipped over) is more space for chronicles with the centre designed for addresses.

Their attention to detail and design aesthetic is simply wonderful... with a sweet "get lost" graphic on one inside cover and...

...the other inside cover has a rather interesting 'to do' list.

The contact book is, in essence, the middle sheet of paper... which gives you four pages for the names and numbers of the folks you meet.

All in... the notebook is like an analogue app for your smart phone. Its a nifty wee artefact that I am grateful to have and look forward to use. I might even use one in Glasgow... I've always tried to view my city from the eyes of both a local and a traveller. We'll see.

If you have a passion for travel... please check out Hejorama and join the journey.


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