Saturday, January 14, 2012

New posts on The Future Elements :: Canyons of Static and Good Weather for an Airstrike

My first two posts are now up on The Future Elements website.

Of Farewell shadows by Canyons of Static I said this...

"This is a release that moves… it has a wonderful sense of fluidity… it doesn’t stay in one place too long… it doesn’t over-emphasize the point… there are no labored drones or overly used motifs. It has a taut muscularness about it… the guitar-orientated equivalent of a championship racehorse… all muscle… all business."
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And of Underneath the Stars by Good Weather for an Airstrike I said this...

"This is sunrise music… soundscapes that almost perfectly capture the still of pre-dawn, expertly convey the anticipation of the pending rapture of a new day and paint a glorious representation of first rays of morning."
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I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to my next assignment. I won't stop blogging about music here... but instead have expanded my reach.

Grateful to Noor and the rest of The Future Elements gang for inviting me to join them.

Please do all you can to support independent music.


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