Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Received... in the post

Its always nice to receive a package in the mail... today, I received two. One was a CD wrapped in a brown paper bag (pictured above and below) from Ed Rotherham. The CD is entitled "Start Listening" by the Being Human Project and can be downloaded for free from Come and Live.

Now... I am not usually a fan of worship music... but this has that something special about it. I loved the small details... like the wax seal on the back of the bag or the stamp on the front. They are nice touches, in my opinion... that amplify the music contained within the bag.

Thanks Ed!

I also received this nifty little tin from Roy Petersen who recently tour Hong Kong and New Zealand. Apparently he saw it and thought of me... not sure what that says about me (I guess I am a bit red) but I love it and have immediately brought it into use as a 'business' card holder. I holds a dozen nicely.

Thanks Roy!

1 comment:

Royzoner said...

i thought of you cos you are a bit of a rebel and revolutionary. plus it's got a bit of communist retro style.


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