Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Things I intend to do in 2012...

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I love Christmas and New Year's almost as much as I love my annual holiday to somewhere warm and sunny... they are different in many ways but they are the same in two... (1) I get to spend time with my family and (2) I get to think.

I don't like the idea of a resolution so I've headed this post "things I intend to do in 2012"... it's all about my intention... the battle being before I even get down to doing it.

I intend to do the following...

1) Read more. 
I am working on this. Finding time to read in the bath or on the train. My Kindle is great for this... I just wish it was waterproof so I didn't worry as much. I also have a ton of physical books I haven't read yet that I need to dig into.
I intend to read at least 12 books and read my Bible everyday using the YouVersion app - I'm currently working through the NT using the Optina Monastery plan.
I am working through H.P. Lovecraft's short stories... Lewis Hyde's "The Gift" and David Allen's "Getting Things Done"... and intend to finish them too.

2) Write more.
I love to write and I intend to continue writing here, on the Something Beautiful podcast blog and as a "digital disciple" on the Big Bible blog.
With regards this blog... my aim is for 1 post per day. I want to do all I can to support the musicians and artists I find.

3) Exercise more.
This is something I always struggle with but my intention is to be more active.
As such, I've joined a gym in Glasgow's City Centre (The Gym Group - corner of Jamaica St - £10.99 per month) and intend to visit it at lest three lunchtimes a week with @myopicaardvark - instead of playing Yahtzee we're going to the gym... because I, for one, need the moral support.
I will also keep the gym on at the Boathouse... and try to go twice or three times a week too.

4) Photograph more. 
I need to keep moving with my photography and intend to undertake a "project 366" and take a photo-a-day during 2012. I also want to take the pictures of at least 100 people. Lastly, I intend to resurrect "a hint of bergamot" and will let you know more about this ASAP.

5) Consume less. 
I need to learn how to work with what I have... and intend to consume less:
* buy less stuff and celebrate what I have already... this includes apps for my iOS toys and books for my Kindle as much as physical stuff like clothes, CDs & books - consume less so I can appreciate what I have more.
* stop spending as much time on the Internet and use my time more productively - consume less so I can create more or spend time doing the top four.

I have a few dreams that I'd love to see happen... but will talk about them some other time.

I'll keep you posted.



Anonymous said...

here's mine - similar in many ways - So each year we make choices ad decisions about what we shall do in the year ahead and we call them resolutions (definition according to Oxford English dictionary: a firm decision to do or not to do something) and so each year I pick a couple – one big and one small.

This year’s big one s to buy no new clothes or shoes or entertainment (books and music and films included) although underwear is allowed! I have so many in my possession that I want to enjoy these clothes and having just thrown out 10 pairs due to weight-loss, I still have lots that are wearable and lots of music to listen too as well as lots of books to read.

I can and might buy from Charity shops (or thrift stores for my North American friends). I have a feeling that this will free me up over the year to read and communicate more and to spend time with people I care about!

The smaller resolution is to challenge myself to reading a lot more books and not just happy ending stories! Books to learn from and to challenge me!

So, I will probably throw a book exchange party at some point and we can all bring a book to swap! This I will enjoy doing!

What are your resolutions for 2012 and are you ready for them to start in 2days time!

Laura Whispering said...

Checks you totally stealing my 100 faces project ;P

Best of luck with your list. Totally excited for journeying photographically together with A Hint of Bergamot xo

Angus Mathie said...

I wish you well. I can agree with all these aims and the sentiments shared. I think you will find it richly rewarding the more you are able to accomplish these objectives.


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