Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Things I intend to do in 2012...

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I love Christmas and New Year's almost as much as I love my annual holiday to somewhere warm and sunny... they are different in many ways but they are the same in two... (1) I get to spend time with my family and (2) I get to think.

I don't like the idea of a resolution so I've headed this post "things I intend to do in 2012"... it's all about my intention... the battle being before I even get down to doing it.

I intend to do the following...

1) Read more. 
I am working on this. Finding time to read in the bath or on the train. My Kindle is great for this... I just wish it was waterproof so I didn't worry as much. I also have a ton of physical books I haven't read yet that I need to dig into.
I intend to read at least 12 books and read my Bible everyday using the YouVersion app - I'm currently working through the NT using the Optina Monastery plan.
I am working through H.P. Lovecraft's short stories... Lewis Hyde's "The Gift" and David Allen's "Getting Things Done"... and intend to finish them too.

2) Write more.
I love to write and I intend to continue writing here, on the Something Beautiful podcast blog and as a "digital disciple" on the Big Bible blog.
With regards this blog... my aim is for 1 post per day. I want to do all I can to support the musicians and artists I find.

3) Exercise more.
This is something I always struggle with but my intention is to be more active.
As such, I've joined a gym in Glasgow's City Centre (The Gym Group - corner of Jamaica St - £10.99 per month) and intend to visit it at lest three lunchtimes a week with @myopicaardvark - instead of playing Yahtzee we're going to the gym... because I, for one, need the moral support.
I will also keep the gym on at the Boathouse... and try to go twice or three times a week too.

4) Photograph more. 
I need to keep moving with my photography and intend to undertake a "project 366" and take a photo-a-day during 2012. I also want to take the pictures of at least 100 people. Lastly, I intend to resurrect "a hint of bergamot" and will let you know more about this ASAP.

5) Consume less. 
I need to learn how to work with what I have... and intend to consume less:
* buy less stuff and celebrate what I have already... this includes apps for my iOS toys and books for my Kindle as much as physical stuff like clothes, CDs & books - consume less so I can appreciate what I have more.
* stop spending as much time on the Internet and use my time more productively - consume less so I can create more or spend time doing the top four.

I have a few dreams that I'd love to see happen... but will talk about them some other time.

I'll keep you posted.

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