Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cool Hunting's Holiday 2005 Gift Guide

Cool Hunting is a fav blog of mine. It's approach to fashion and things is spot on. Their gift guide is the kind of alternative luxury that I love to explore. I love the Nano with the custom paint job (see above)... or the skull business card holder. Nice. Bit expensive tho' but hey that's the kind of alternative inspirational luxury that CAPPies love.

Wow... Haven't used that phrase in a while... CAPPie -
Consumer of Alternative Priced Products.
It was a term used in the Face (RIP Great mag) to define a social group who dressed in obscure labels (usually Japanese), wore box-fresh exclusive trainers, listened to underground tunes, had the latest tech (at the time of definition it was Sony Minidisc and Audio Technica headphones or the Palm Vx) and went on holidays to exotic destinations for sight-seeing or snowboarding.

I really related to the term... but could never afford the Priced bit. I am more of a CAPPIT -
Consumer of Alternative Products Purchased In TK Maxx
Anyway, check out Cool Hunting's gift guide...

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