Friday, November 18, 2005

Set iPod to shuffle... part 2

Here's the next 20 tracks from my iPod while on shuffle:

21) Broadcast
22) Clannad
23) Coldplay
24) Tinkabell - Taken from Ulrich Schnauss' website.
25) Mondo Grosso
26) Interpol - "Untitled (Velapene Screen remix)"
27) Doug Horley - Doug does fab worship for kids and teens... My girls love his stuff. I think its pretty fun and there is even a track with Vanessa Freeman on vocals!!!
28) Hybrid
29) Joseph Arthur
30) A-HA
31) LCD Soundsystem
33) Quantic
34) Money Mark - "Maybe I'm dead (Cornelius remix)" - Fantastic remix by King Cornelius
35) Charles Webster
36) Audioslave
37) Felix da Housecat
38) The Isley Brothers
39) Alpha Worship - a track from the backing worship CD that we use for Alpha. I want to explore doing "live" worship instead of using the backing CD.
40) Nuyorican Soul

Life is truly random... Happy with what my iPod thinks I need to listen to...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

woohoo! you like my interpol remix!


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