Tuesday, November 29, 2005


RS McColls sells SNAPPLE!!! Just had a "Rockin' Raspberry Cranberry" and it was FAB!!!

I have a real Jones for Snapple... I could safely say I love it more than grande Gingerbread skinny Lattes from Starbucks. Snapple holds great memmories for me and is part of my history.

Snapple reminds me of my Uni days at Napier in Sighthill: My friends and I would head out to Bar Kohl for a night of fun and frolics... They used to sell like one trillion flavours of vodka, various obscure beers like Mickey Big Mouth Beer, Jolt cola (caffinated cola) and all the flavours of SNAPPLE. It would be a great laugh and I respected my friends who would enjoy weird flavours of vodka but yet not hassle me for having weird flavours of snapple. They no longer stock snapple in Bar Kohl...which is a shame! but it also leaves the market open for another snapple bar!?!

Olly has given me bottles as wee stocking fillers and I also remember finding some in Italy when we were on our honeymoon... As I said, great memories!

The inside of the cap had an interesting fact - seemingly women blink twice as often as men...

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