Monday, November 28, 2005

Design For Life retreat...

Olly and I have been away on a retreat weekend run by the Salvation Army called "Design for Life". The premise of this weekend is to understand what you are call to do with your life.

We spent the weekend in prayer, meditation and worship. We also spent time with our close friends Kenny & Sarah, Chris & Lorraine, and Olly's cousin Bobbie. It was a fantastic time to recharge the batteries and take time to think about what I am passionate about, what my skills and values are, and how they all fit together.

We stayed at Gartmore House near Aberfoyle in Stirlingshire. Beautiful, old house in picturesque grounds with loads of space and great food. Some of the rooms desparately needed some TLC and maintenance... but the staff were great and we eventually got a good room.

We focussed on our lives... drawing a "lifemap" to map out the key events in our lives. For me things like Uni or my jobs were important but more important were the people I have in my life such as Olly, the Soos, Roberto, K&S, Janey and Jon... I am blessed and am a better person for them.

Once we drew lifemaps, we focussed on our passions... what really makes us tick. Mine is music and technology, coffee and people, and a real desire to build lasting relationships with people and with God.

This then brought us to our calling. I believe I am called to facilitate / create space for people to develop relationships together and with God. I have a real desire to use my interests - iPod/music/coffeehouses/visuals/podcasts/t-shirts - to aid this goal. I would love to develop a contemporary coffeehouse that becomes a space within the community where you can hang out, express yourself, learn things, listen to great music - bands & DJs. I want a coffeehouse to become church as in the true sense of what church should be - the centre of the community, a place where people can share their ups and downs, a place where people are together, a place where counselling could be sought... A place where a bookclub could sit and discuss their ideas while a DJ plays abstract electronic music and baristas make fab soy lattes for customers.

Anyway, I see my role in this as a facilitator... a "make it happen" guy and I am excited. I don't know when it will happen but I know it will.

I also see my role as a facilitator for Olly's vision - she wants/needs to lead worship - and I want to be there for her controlling the sound and visuals.

I now need to seek a job where these ideas can become projects I can focus on.

Both Olly and I are grateful for the support we have received from our loved ones... Thanks for the calls and emails. Especially grateful for the texts from the Soos and from Big "D" - cheers, guys!

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