Wednesday, November 30, 2005

iPod Cases

I have a wonderfully metrosexual iPod case from Paperchase. It is like the original cases that came with the iPods (up to 4th gen) with the elasticated sides. It is, however, not black. It has loads of vertical lines with every colour imaginable - I always thought it resembled John Snow's ties or Thomas Pink's shirts and ties.

I paid a fiver for it. One of my colleagues has accused me of having too much money while looking at my iPod case (not my iPod). It turns out she thought it was a Paul Smith iPod case. The print is similar to the Paul Smith pattern (see above) but it isn't Paul Smith. It is true that appearances can be deceptive.

My mate, the Soos, has a cool LV cover for his 60gb iPod Photo (like the one above)... other friends have various silicon or leather cases.

Check out CITY mag for other case options: link

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