Friday, November 18, 2005

Set iPod to shuffle...

Have the iPod on shuffle this morning... Here's the first 20 tracks:

1) Kings of Convenience
2) The Prodigy
3) Basement Jaxx
4) Mary Mary - "Praise you" - On when I received the text about my b-i-l's dad.
5) Waldeck
6) Athlete
7) Golden Sun
8) Dave & Ansel Collins
9) Rick Astley - "When I fall in love" - Arrgghhh!!! My wife has used this for a wedding iMovie and I haven't unselected it. Personally, I prefer Nat 'King' Cole's version - can't be bettered!
10) Schindler's List OST
11) Emanuel Podcast
12) Jack Johnson
13) U2
14) DJ Shadow
15) The B-52's - "Good Stuff" - Taken from Tokion's "Rockin' Mammoth" CD. Such a great track - Have the album somewhere...
16) Royksopp
17) Stereophonics - "Have a nice day" - taken from a chill out album I have... Not a big fan of theirs but do love this song.
18) Radiohead - "Pyramid Song" - taken from the LateNightTales CD that the Flaming Lips did. Have never real got Radiohead. I rate them but don't have any of their stuff. Good track.
19) Alison Krauss & Union Station
20) The Black Keys

As I have mentioned before, my iPod is a broad church that even has room for Rick Astley...

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