Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nik & Emma Pears

One of the many highlights of the DFL retreat was to meet Nik & Emma Pears. We have had their worship CD for a wee while now - Olly and I saw them lead worship at last year's Youth Councils. Their music is first class and is amazing to be part of when they are leading worship. Its genuine. Its real for them and that is fantastic.

Anyway, Olly and I got a chance to sit down and talk to Nik and Emma... What a wonderful couple - really on fire and in love with each other, with God and with life. We talked music, got the iPods out and shared songs (listening to - not physically fileswapping... honest!). I really want them to succeed in what they do. Emma is a full time songwriter and I hope to hear a song she's penned on Chris Moyles (only time I listen to pop music) sometime soon. We talked podcasts and viral marketing... Olly talked about backing tracks. It was great.

Check out their album: "people of faith" - its a first class worship CD and ahead of the rest of the pack...and, in my opinion, kicks Graham Kendrick's butt.

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