Sunday, November 13, 2005

This Weekend...

Had a pretty busy weekend... My friend from Edinburgh who works for Rockstar North came to visit. It was great to see him... he is great with the girls and always generous...

We watched "Batman Begins" (which I have to say was fab... really enjoyed it... total package was first class!) and hung out. I did a lot of updating to his PowerBook... and he gave me some new tunes.

We spent some time in Glasgow (my folks took the girls - my wife went to Glasgow with her mother and sister for their annual mad shop) Went to wagamama for food then did a bit of shopping...

We talked music and work and faith and movies... It was great. I like my friend's perspective of me... he identifies and understands my ways. He sees my need for exclusivity as an expression of my identity and not arrogance... and I appreciate that.

Thanks for your company... and a shot of your PSP!

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