Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The "One Word" description game...

Got sent this wee game from a pal today. I'm not one for silly email games - they are a waste of time when you are trying to productively waste time... but this ones pretty good:

One Word

Describe me in one word - just one.
Send it to me (only me), then forward this email to your friends
and see how many strange things people think about you.

Reply it's fun!
I sent this out to a few friends at work and, so far, I have received 4 responses:

iPod / honest / farter / complex
I think these responses are fascinating and I'm going to extend the reach of the game.

I am pleased with the honest comment. I try to live an honest life and with this friend, I have been brave enough to tell her things she maybe didn't want to hear but did appreciate once she heard them.

I am not pleased with the farter comment... People will forget your good deeds... sometimes your bad deeds will be forgiven... but fart once and you're an outcast FOREVER!!!

Complex is cool - there are many strings to my bow.

However, iPod is the most interesting one. I am an evangelical iPod user! I am a huge Apple fanboy and obviously this has made an impression. It also shows what is first in my life (or, at least, what is apparently first) and that's a wee bit embarassing. Why? It would appear that I am more gung-ho for Apple than I am for my faith. Does this mean that Steve Jobs is my idol (should that be iDol???) instead of my Lord?


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