Thursday, November 24, 2005

Give Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving... I would like to thank the following:
1) God... for His grace and love.
2) My wife - Olly... for her love, friendship and patience.
3) My we'ans - Dayna and Miriam... for making me feel old and young at the same time.
4) My parents - for their love and support.
5) My in-laws - for not being typical in-laws and for letting me marry their we'an.
6) My extended family - for being themselves and letting me be me.
7) The Soos aka Andy - for his friendship, generousity and world-view.
8) My salsa-dancing mate aka Roberto - for his long friendship and Mac advice.
9) Jon - for his advice on the Journey and all the chats over coffee.
10) Janey & Rosco - for being there.
11) Jojo - for being a friend at work.
12) My mates from Cowdenbiza, Yvonne & Big "D" - for being true confidants.
13) Pauly - for being another friend at work.
14) My officers - Alec & Andrea - and our previous officers/friends - Karen & Gary for all your support and spiritual guidance.
15) My friends in the House Group - for their support.
16) My Church - for the sense of community.
17) Pippin - for being a doggy-woggy.

I am also grateful for the following blessings:
1) Freedom... of expression... of worship...
2) My home
3) My Apple kit - G4 iMac / G4 iBook / 4th gen iPod / 2nd gen iPod
4) Broadband
5) Living in Scotland / next to Strathclyde Park

I am grateful!

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