Friday, November 11, 2005

One more word...

Received an email from my good friend in Edinburgh - the chap who works for Rockstar North:
Just read your blog. Enjoyable as always! Like your one word name game. My one word for you is 'Obsessive'. It's Apple or iPod now, but I've known you for years and there's always been that special something that consumes a huge part of your life. Apple and iPod have made a huge impact on your life, but I still remember how important Stussy was for you, and let's not forget your Calvin Klein pants faze!

Thanks pal... One of the things I love about a good friend is that they keep you accountable for your actions. They remember when you have conviently forgotten. They challenge you when you are wrong and take the mick when you act silly.

I am obsessive... Its part of my nature and I agree its a fitting word to describe me. I did accumulate a rather large collection of Calvins for my honeymoon... yeah, like I look like Marky Mark!!! Thanks

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