Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What I am listening to today?

I've been listening to the following today...

(1) Confessions on a dancefloor by Madonna... Loving Stuart Price's (Le Rythmes Digitals / Zoot Woman) production on the album...especially the Abba sample on Hung Up. I'm not a huge Madonna fan - we only clicked on Ray of Light but I am loving this album. It has a nice 80's feel to it. Oh and Madonna is hot! especially for 47!!!

(2) Plat du Jour by Matthew Herbert. I loved the Big Band CD and I really got him live with the band... especially doing the live sample thing with the china cup and saucer - genius! This album is challenging, especially the liner notes, but is enjoyable. It has a unchartered territories feel about it... like we've never been here before. Love it.

(3) The Campfire Headphase by Boards of Canada. A present from my mate from Rockstar... it is lovely and lush in their usual style but has the added benefit of guitars and strings. Their sound gets better and better. BOC rock!!!

(4) Express Rising by Express Rising. Another pressie from my mate from Auld Reekie. The soundscapes contained within this album remind me of DJ Shadow. Intricate... but powerful. Great head music.

(5) The Understanding by Royksopp. Saw them live when they were promoting Melody AM and really enjoy the show...even though it was in the Garage in Glasgow. There was a lot of expectation when this album came out and I think it lived up to it. My fav track is Alpha Male for the way it builds from something simple to something powerful. Great album that gets better the more you listen to it. Must be something in the Bergen water or something...

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