Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why I love my wife...

Been in tonight watching the we'ans while my wife went to church and then went to work for a couple of hours... Olly works for the Salvation Army in Hamilton and they had a Christmas Fayre yesterday. When she returned, her arms were heavy laden with goodies that other, possibly saner, people didn't want. Within this bundle of goodness was the 1985 Motown release by King Stevie Wonder "Love Songs - 16 classic hits" ON VINYL!!!

OMGoodness... I can't wait to rig up my deck to listen to this slab of goodness... although I have to say the last time I checked "Blowin' in the wind" was not a love song (side 2, track 5).

Appreciate the pic says "20 classic hits" and I said "16"... well I couldn't find the EXACT graphic and thought nobody would notice.

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