Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Books I read in 2007 + Headphonaught's Bookclub

The spoils from a day hunting...

JD tagged me to find out how many books I read in 2007. Unfortunately, I never managed to read any of the books shown above. That's one of my problems... I consume books... pick them up with noble intentions... and then they sit on my book shelf.

Anyway... I did manage to read the following:
  1. Angels and Demons > Dan Brown
  2. Flowers for Algernon > Daniel Keyes
  3. 15 ways to a more effective prayer life > Selwyn Hughes
  4. A flame in my heart (St Aidan for today) > David Adam
  5. Digital Fortress > Dan Brown
  6. Dark Saber > Kevin Anderson
  7. Sex God > Rob Bell
  8. Walk On (The U2 story) > Steve Stockman
  9. A Generous Orthodoxy > Brian D. McLaren
  10. The Secret Message of Jesus > Brian D. McLaren
I also started the following... but haven't finished them yet:
  1. The Emerging Church (Vintage Church for New Generations) > Dan Kimball
  2. What's So Amazing About Grace > Philip Yancey
  3. No Logo > Naomi Klein
  4. Snow Crash > Neal Stephenson
  5. We Can Build You > Philip K. Dick
  6. The Silmarillion > JRR Tolkien
  7. The Imitation of Christ > Thomas A Kempis
I want to finish them... at some point this year.

To this end... I would like to ask for some help from the Nanolog Community > my pal RobGT suggested that I create some form of virtual book club for anyone interested in reading and discussing some books together.

I have created an invite-only google group for this purpose and I need some pals to help me get it off the ground. You can help in the following ways:
  1. Ask for an invite > I'm keeping it invite-only until its a proven concept. Send me an email or leave a comment with your email and I'll hook you up.
  2. Suggest some books > I'm thinking of tackling between 6 and 10... along the lines of 1 a month. They don't have to be just Christian books... but they have to be culturally important books > think Velvet Elvis or No Logo for an idea.
  3. Get involved > I'm looking for some honest commitment and a fair pinch of common-or-garden enthusiasm - we will be journeying together... examining some meaningful material... I need people who are will to read and participate... not spectate from the sidelines.
  4. Help out > I want to journey with you... not lead > I need to feed as much as I want to encourage you all to get fed. I don't want to be the only facilitator.
If you are up for it... let me know and we'll get kicked off soon.
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