Monday, January 07, 2008

Tunes for a blue Monday

I saw this T on threadless recently... and thought about all the obscure music I listen to. I don't do it for some pretentious oneupmanship or anything... I just love finding new music. Here's some I've found recently:

I am a bit of a Blade Runner geek... and I want to complete my collection with this wee oddity that cost me more for the postage than I paid for the disc itself. In 1982, for some reason, Vangelis didn't release his fab soundtrack to the film... so the New World Orchestra were brought in to record an alternative "sound-a-like" soundtrack. Purists won't like it... but I do... it is more than a muzak version and has its own identity... and soul. It only has 8 tracks... but it captures the vibe of Vangelis' original nicely.

I thought I'd give Bob Dylan's new album [Modern Times] a wee listen when I saw it in the library recently. Its growing on me > its very trad blues... but kind of special with Bob's lyrics and vibe.

I also picked up The Decemberists' 2006 album [the crane wife] for no other reason than I was curious... I'd heard of them... and I was glad I borrowed it. Its a nice blend of acoustic guitar-orientated folk rock... a pleasant album full of quirky, soulful and inventive tunes. An alternative soundtrack for the cold, grey days of a Scottish Winter.

Continuing the folk vibe is a lovely Hebridean singer called Julie Fowlis with her beautiful album [Cuilidh] which is Gaelic for sanctuary or secret hiding place. Its a precious album of guitar-orientated folk music > fantastic Gaelic songs that give me hope for modern Scottish folk music. Maybe I'm getting old but I am falling in love with folk music... its feels fresh, authentic and relevant as an alternative for a world full of commercial manufactured "pop" music designed for the lowest common denominator.



Laura Whispering said...

Yay, Decemberists.
i discovered them again just the other week on browsing through my old music files on the computer at home =)


Johnny said...

I stumbed across Julie Fowlis when I heard her band, Dòchas, on a compilation of Scottish music.

Absolutely enchanting.

Johnny said...

S-t-u-m-b-L-e-d!!! ;-)


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