Saturday, January 12, 2008

Great tunes for a lazy Saturday

Its been a good week for tunage in the ol' Headphonaught household...

First off... I have Olly to thank for the heads-up on onerepublic > the girls bought their new album [dreaming out loud] for Olly's Christmas. Olly has been raving about their song "apologise" which has been released in the UK as a remix by Hip Hop beatmaster Timbaland.

The album is deeply interesting > its rock but more than... The singalong choruses are there along with the riffs and beats... but there is more depth > strings, percussion, synths, harmonies, piano, inspiring lyrics > big songs and strong ballads. In fact, there isn't a weak song on this album.

Stand out tracks include "Come Home" which is a strong piano-based ballad with some powerful lyrics ::
I get lost in the beauty
Of everything i see
The world ain't as half as bad
As they paint it to be
If all the sons
If all the daughters
Stopped to take it in
Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
It might start now..Yeahh
Well maybe I'm just dreaming out loud
Until then
and "Prodigal" which grows with intensity ::
I'm on the road
To who knows where?
Look ahead, not behind
I keep saying
There's no place to go
Where you're not there
On your rope, I hold tight
But it's freeing
I am loving this album and well recommend it... truly something special!

Next up is another fantastic compilation from MOJO Magazine > [ok_computer] > an electronic music compilation that gives a knowing nod to radiohead. Its a tremendous compilation that is fitting for folk new to the genre as well as big, fat electronic music geeks like me.

Its the melding of old and new together to make a soundtrack for now that is so inspiring... Tracks from the human league, gary numan, farley "jackmaster" funk and tangerine dream sit nicely with new artists like the knife, matthew dear, fujiya & miyagi, and cLouDDEAD. There are artists on the 15 track CD that I haven't heard before... which is brilliant.

Its a well curated compilation... which is the norm for MOJO... and sits well in anyones collection.

On Hogmanay, Radiohead webcast a live performance of their new album along with some interesting soundscapes and spoken word. I missed the performance and the follow up on Current_tv > settling for a replay on current_tv and then on YouTube. Its very good.

So good, in fact, I used GetTube [sorry, mac only] to download both an mp3 and an mp4 version > I listen to the mp3 version at work... and have watched the performance on my iPod on the train / in bed.

Radiohead impress me > their music and their passion towards their music and their fans inspires me. This performance and, more importantly, the free distribution via web2.0 tech is awesome.

Lastly... I am a big fan of Krista Tippett's [Speaking of Faith] radioshow/podcast. She uses a lot of great music on her show as contextual soundtracks and she's listed 25 tracks on her website. Standout tracks include Dali's Car (a short-lived musical experiment featuring Peter Murphy of Bauhaus and Mick Karn of Japan), Moscow Church Choir, nanolog community favourite Derek Webb, Adrienne Young, Mahalia Jackson, and Leonard Cohen. Well worth checking out... as is the podcast itself > an hour well spent.

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