Sunday, January 20, 2008

((deep)) #3 >> what happened...

what remains from the evening...

I feel shattered... didn't get to bed until 1 or so this more. Its difficult to sleep when you've had a great evening.

I know we've only had 3 ((deep)) gatherings... but they are getting better and better. The team are coming together... the band are sounding mighty fine... and the crowd are open and expectant.

3rd ((deep)) gathering

The band led this time by Laura were free and focused... They sounded good with Mog on drums [I love Mog's drumming!] Their progression is noticeable which is a credit to the members of the band.

After worship... Janet Robson spoke on the disciple John >> considering who John thought Jesus was >> shaping her thoughts/feelings on the subject matter into 3 points ::
  1. Words matter! Words can build us up... or tear us down. When God spoke (as recorded in Genesis 1) things happened. Word >> Action.
  2. John Baptizer's job description was... "help people take it in... and take it on." This is our job description as followers of Jesus.
  3. We are, by right, the children of God. It is a right and a blessing. But with rights come responsibilities >> just as "the Word became flesh"... we need to be the "flesh" of the Word in our own circles of influence >> family... work... play... etc. We need to show our people what Jesus looks like.
After Janet spoke... there was a period of reflection and interaction with some vivid prayer stations available for use... from which flowed some awesome testimonies from some unlikely sources. Young folk were talking of about moments in their lives where they had been influenced by others... or had been an influence themselves. I even got in on the act... even though the mike was wired for a 7' basketball player.

It was an amazing evening... completed by some worship and then a further catch-up with pals. People were really using the space/time to connect with each other... and that's about all I could ask for. ((deep)) is a powerful encounter point... that, God willing, will grow in strength and quality.

How many men does it take to fix a vacuum cleaner?

My thanks go to everyone who makes this happen. I am a happy visionary who is content to watch things open up... and hoover up afterwards. My thanks to Tony & Iain for fixing the hoover (Dyson actually) so I could fulfill my calling.

Janet's talk is attached [here (in AAC format)] and some more photos are posted [here]

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Laura Whispering said...

Excited to hear things are going so well! =)


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