Saturday, January 12, 2008

Commitment Sunday

Tape Cross

Tomorrow is Commitment Sunday within the Salvation Army and I thought it beneficial for me to communicate my commitments, as I see them ::
  • I am a follower of God in the way of Jesus (a phrase that Brian McLaren uses in Everything Must Change) and, as such, I am committed to bringing His kingdom to Earth. I believe the message of Jesus is one of good news for everyone and I am called to relay His grace in my words and, most importantly, my actions.
  • I am committed to my wife > as a husband, partner and friend to my wife and soul-bride Olly.
  • I am committed to my lovely daughters Dayna and Miriam > as a father and guide.
  • I am committed to the work of the Salvation Army in the West of Scotland and beyond. I believe the Army is where I am meant to be... within the glorious and varied tapestry that is the Christian Church. I am committed to the movement whose Founder, William Booth said these words ::
"I saw that when the bible said “He that believeth shall be saved”, it meant not only saved from the miseries of the future world, but from the miseries of this also. That it came with the promise of salvation here and now; from hell and sin and vice and idleness and extravagance and consequently very largely from poverty and disease, and the majority of kindred woes."
  • I am committed to fresh, authentic, relevant, and adventurous expressions of "church" and the emerging church conversation > I do not commit to anything that gets in the way of God and Jesus such as tradition, politics, gossip, and consumerism. I will seek do my part to promote a purposefully inclusive, generous and graceful expression of faith... wherever I am.
  • I am committed to my friends > the people I connect with / relate with / share with... either physically over coffee or food, in my home, at ((deep)), at S*N*A*C or at my desk [or] remotely over the nanolog, facebook, IM or skype.
  • I am committed to my physical neighbourhood... and want to shine my light where I call home... in Motherwell, Scotland.
  • I am committed to those I do not know... and acknowledge their intrinsic worth and humanity as beings created in the likeness of God.
  • I am committed to my employer in my role as a Business Analyst > I will seek to be trustworthy, reliable and open in all I do in this role.
  • I will continue to passionately explore all things that are true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, the beautiful - things to praise, not things to curse... especially great beats, rich coffee & innovative design... and use the ol' nanolog as an outlet for anything I find.
I hope this makes sense > its not really in any order... other than the first 3, I suppose. I will seek to express my commitment in the quality of my inter[action]!

Rather than tag individuals... I will ask an open question... who/what are you committed to?


I forgot to say... I am committed to my parents as their son and to my extended family as an active participant.
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