Saturday, January 05, 2008

Headphonaught's Bookclub (part 2)

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interesting in getting involved... especially JD over in Texas and Dan in Glenrothes for their encouragement and support!

OK... so this is where we are going with this >>

1) I have set up an "invite-only" Facebook group > the admins (JD, Dan & myself) will invite people who have expressed an interest in being part of this journey. Facebook gives us the tools to do this >> invites / discussion posting etc >> and encourages community - you have to be a member of Facebook and your identity is known to the group (no nicknames etc). This will make us more honest and accountable >> key prerequisites for an egalitarian community.

2) We are considering a number of books... but a couple of front runners are THE TIPPING POINT [Malcolm Gladwell] and/or EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE [Brian D. McLaren]. We can run multiple discussions, if desired... this can be as linear or non-linear as we want it to be.

3) One thing I am interesting in... as well... is meeting up with folks in Glasgow for f2f conversations. Ally & Jay have expressed an interest in this too. I would encourage you to look at this option in addition to online.

4) Using Facebook will, I hope, allow us to get know each other a bit better. Hooking up and conducting one on one conversations is encouraged.

I hope this makes sense... I don't want to exclude folks not on Facebook... but the tool is the best one we have. If anything, you now have a legit reason for joining up.

I you want to join up... leave a comment, drop me a note or hook up with me, Dan or JD on Facebook.


Johnny said...

Looking forward to it

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas can I remind you of your views in your blog of June 30th 2006, on the subject of GOLF
'I explained to him about the reasons why I don't play exclusivity & elitism'
This is what you said about golf and why you disliked the sport, surely your 'by invitation only' bookclub smacks of this same Exclusivity & elitism?

weareallghosts said...

Thanks for the reminder... its a shame we couldn't have finished our conversation on the topic this morning.

First off... I've looked at the posts on the 30th June 06 and can't see the post you are referring to.

Secondly, I'm not sure I can see the parallels, to be honest... yes, its "invite only" but, by no means, is it exclusive or elitist to the extent you infer.

"the admins (JD, Dan & myself) will invite people who have expressed an interest in being part of this journey."

If someone is not interested in being part of the journey then they won't express an interest in being part of it.

If someone does, however, express an interest >> by speaking to anyone one of the 3 admins... or by leaving a comment here >> then they are in.

The only way I can see this being exclusive and elitist is that you need to be a member of Facebook and either a pal of 1 of the 3 admins... or a reader of the ol' nanolog.

Elitism implies a power relationship >> hardly the case here. I am not deliberately excluding any willing participant... I am only excluding people who are not interesting in the journey or wish to deliberately spoil it. Neither are willing participants.

As for exclusive >> yes, it is... in the weakest form imaginable. All groups are exclusive to some degree.

This group is "invite only" to keep people with their own negative agenda within Facebook from jumping on it and destroying it. I have witnessed this in many groups and it is not something I want to happen here. If the accusation of being "exclusive" is the price I have to pay for this protection... then so be it.

I also said this "One thing I am interesting (sic) in... as well... is meeting up with folks in Glasgow for f2f conversations." >> you don't have to be part of facebook to meet up to discuss over a coffee.


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