Thursday, January 17, 2008

((deep)) #3

Janet and I (FB34)

Been busy and kind of forgot about this weekend... ((deep)) is happening this weekend (Saturday, 19th January) with Janet Robson, the Divisional Youth Officer for the East of Scotland Division, bring her thoughts and experiences to the gathering. I am proud to call Janet a friend... and am looking forward to catching up with her and hearing more on what she's been up to.

We're back in the City Centre Corps in Anderston, Glasgow >> with the Essential Band leading worship and Ninja bringing soulful tunes to complement your coffee and muffin. [Other refreshments will be available if you don't dig coffee and muffins].

I'll see you from 7pm... if you can make it. Door tax is £3 with profits being reinvested into the project.

Moving forward... we are confirmed in the City Centre Corps for the remainder of the year and my thanks goes to the officers/people from City Centre for allowing us to use their space... and to Iain Stewart for brokering the deal.

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