Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Philly - day 2


Work and play... that's pretty much what happened today. Another really productive session in the office... with less looking out the window. Its work but its good fun too > the vendor's team are a great bunch of folk and the atmosphere is light but serious.

After work... we all headed over to the King of Prussia Mall for food and a look/see. I was a total chump and forgot my phone > I hate not having a camera with me! Must be the way things are moving where before I would feel naked not having my phone to make connections... now I hate not having it because I can't record my journey.

GR + beanie

I picked up a few bits and pieces for my girls in the 5 below store... along with the 76ers beanie (all $5 or less!!!) I also picked up the latest edition of Giant Robot which has some fantastic articles on less mainstream culture.

We met up in a seafood restaurant called Legal Sea Foods - I never realised until now that I was eating illegal seafood up until now. The space was lovely... beautifully designed. Kicking myself that I forgot my phone to show pics.

The food was good... not great... but good. I ate a shrimp and garlic linguine... and shared in a good banter with my colleagues.

Later on... after I got everyone home (I am the designated driver) I did some more work in my room (the bar was way too noisy and my battery is gubbed in my Thinkpad) and then crashed at 2230hrs (est).

I fell asleep dreaming of Olly... and the bairns... and it was great to see them at 0300hrs (est) this morning.

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