Thursday, January 24, 2008

mea maxima culpa

I am human. I make mistakes. I fail as often as I succeed. I am not proud to admit it when I am wrong... and I greatly appreciate being challenged / brought to task for things I have done, if offense has resulted from my actions.

In my report on ((deep)) I expressed a personal opinion. That opinion has the potential to hurt / damage / cause pain... not only to the person I express my opinion about but to this person's friends and the wider ((deep)) community.

I will never deliberately seek to hurt the ((deep)) community or tarnish the goals that we seek to achieve... and as result I would like to say... mea maxima culpa! I am sorry for this error in judgement and for any offense I may have caused.

I would, however, like to articulate the following points as I seek to learn from this experience::
  1. I am human and will make mistakes. This is not an excuse or a defense... it is a statement of fact.
  2. I am approachable >> a wee word in the ear would have cleared this all up. Do not be afraid to come to me directly to challenge me / speak to me about your concerns.
  3. This is MY blog and I will express my opinion on my blog. I do not get a penny from this blog and do not wish to. I only represent things I like. This is a forum for my self-expression... and for the expression of the Nanolog Community. If you do not like the opinions raised here then either challenge me on it - show me where I am wrong - or don't read it.
  4. The only person who will censor this blog is me. If I see where I went wrong then I will be big enough to acknowledge my mistake and make amends. I have tried to do this here.
Tonight has been greatly distressing for me and has made me consider what I do/what I am involved in. I will be off the air for the foreseeable future as I seek regroup.


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