Monday, January 28, 2008

Philly - day 0

Con 017 Y

Flew from Glasgow Airport yesterday morning... to Newark, NJ. Absolutely beautiful flight... apart from some hands in the air turbulence at one point.

We were riding in economy... so the films were pretty bland. The Pink Panther remake is VERY FUNNY without any sound > with sound and its terrible.

Entertainment was provided by my colleagues... No Logo by Naomi Klein... some great tunes (I'll speak on them later) and Bust A Move on the DS.

Looking down en route

Looking out the window was fab too... beautiful desolation below.

The tracks at Newark International Railway Station

Arrived without any hassle... and then headed to the Newark International Railway Station to wait on our AMTRAK train into Philly.

AMTRAK train in 30th Street Station

No hassles on the train either... people we met were sweet although the food wasn't cheap > $1.75 for a bag of pretzels???

30th Street Station

The 30th Street Station in Philly is awesome... harking back to a day when railways were the way to travel. Beautiful decor... blows Glasgow Central out the water.

Philadelphia... from the rental SUV

We grabbed a car > needed an SUV instead of the wee car they offered us > and headed off into Philly (thanks to the GPS) and then onto Malvern.

Trip was sweet - nothing that taxing... just loads of road and a group of Brits trying to work out what stay left, go right means.

Got to the Hotel... dumped our stuff and headed out to explore. It was about 4ish EST.


Ended up in Golf Galaxy (where I snapped this handy device) and Circuit City where I picked up some tunes. We then popped over to the local wawa convenience store for pretzels and snapple > I was gutted when I heard the music wasn't some seventies acid funk boom chicka wah wah guitar sound.

I really shouldn't... but it has bananas in it

Ended the day in the FOX and HOUNDS for a chicken cesar salad... and some ice cream. Crashed about 8pm est

Its good to be here... but I miss my kids and Olly like crazy. Caught up with them on iChat... which is good.

Check out my photos here >> I have my dad's Canon EOS 350D with me... along with my Sony Ericsson K800i > going to be snap happy!

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Laura Whispering said...

It took me SO long to work out what a pocket ball washer was there...

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