Thursday, January 31, 2008

Philly - day 3

waiting in the waiting room

Today was another long but productive day in the office. There is a real benefit from these sessions being face to face > an understanding that comes from the interaction. There is a lot going on and its hard to keep track of everything... but I'm doing my best.

Today was a good food day... at lunch we had some fab tortillas with chicken fillings... and a tomato salad. Beautiful!

"NY Reuben"

At night I ate with the team and had a NY Reuben sandwich... which was lovely! Meat... sauerkraut... cheese... fries... lovely. I am going to put on a ton of weight while I am here!

the stars n stripes

We stayed in tonight... did some work... ate... had a few drinks... I headed up to my room to watch the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate... which was interesting. I like the concept of the debate... and was interested in their responses to the questions. Mike Huckabee interested me the most and gave the best answers in my opinion... but, if I am honest, I am more interested in the Barak Obama / Billary Clinton debate tonight.

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Johnny said...

Barack's the guy impressing me right now


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