Monday, January 07, 2008

Introducing "Everything Must Change"

...The couple hundred thousand people who have read my previous books seem to find in them some hope and resonance with things they've already been thinking and feeling, including a suspicion that the religious status quo is broken and a desire to translate their faith into a way of life that makes a positive difference in the world. They share my belief that the versions of Christianity we inherited are largely flattened, watered down, tamed... offering us a ticket to heaven after death, but not challenging us to address the issues that threaten life on earth. Together we've begun to seek a fresh understanding of what Christianity is for, what a church can be and do, and most exciting, we're finding out that a lot of what we need most is already hidden in a trunk in our attic.
Brian D. McLaren >> Everything Must Change p3.

I am one of the couple hundred thousand people who find hope and resonance with Brian's writing... and am pleased that I am not alone... but also that his latest book will be our first book to take on our bookclub journey.

Let me know if you want to participate... afterall, this thing is exclusively for everyone!

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