Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another online friend... becomes an offline friend too!

It was a real pleasure to spend time with Marta and Shirley (below... on the right) from the Gainsborough Corps of the Salvation Army. Marta and her with John have become good "online" friends of late and it was sweet to put a face to a name.

With our billets...

I love the concept of "billets" - putting up members of a visiting Salvation Army Band / Songsters (Choir) or quest. Its like couchsurfing except you tend to give your guests your bed instead of your sofa. It gives you an opportunity to meet likeminded yet different people... people you may not have known before (like Shirley) or folk you knew online (like Marta).

Hospitality is something I love... and something Olly is extremely good at. My diet has been blown this weekend, unfortunately... albeit... its been pretty low fat... or at least I have been.

So yeah... it was a pleasure to meet Marta... and hope to meet John soon. Here's to putting faces to names.

It was also a pleasure to meet Shirley... and wish her well in her life in Gainsborough.

Top picture posted with LifeCast... the other photo and the words were added later...


Anonymous said...

I told her you'd have your arm round her and a picture on 'tinterweb before she got home! lol!

Anonymous said...

CAN'T wait to meet you in person and have my photo with you on the Nanolog!

i am getting several hits/visitors from your blog, so THANK YOU for the linkage!




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