Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Video iPod...

Apple... my favourite corporate monster, has announced another media event on the 12th Oct. Going to watch the webcast of this. Last big announcement was the iPod Nano which is sweeter than honey and the Moto Rokr which isn't. There are a lot of rumours flying about that this could be for the "Video iPod". Engadget even has a possible picture of it (

Do I need a video iPod? No, not really - I bought the iBook (It doesn't have a name... I should name her... It is a her because it is beautiful!) for many things including watching movies when travelling - battery allows at least 1 DVD between charges although the we'ans have managed 2 once. The size of the iBook screen is ideal for watching movies socially (ie with the family) I am not sure if a screen the size of a PSP, for example, would allow for this. So for movies, not sure.
For other Apple loveliness... well, it would be cool to have more functionality and more space - my 40gb iPod has approx 35gb of music and photos on her... I am running out of space. I would also be great for it to show pictures on a better screen - the iPod photo is good for that but not great - My Rockstar buddy has an Epson photoviewer which is great for storing and viewing photos - he bought it for his trip to Tokyo and probably should have had it when he went to NY & LA.

Will I want a video iPod? Of course... Steve Jobs could poo in a white plastic container, seal it up, put an "i" infront of the "Poo" and sell it... And I'd want an iPoo!!! My weakness is covetesness and this will be something I will want. Just like I want a Nano and a Shuffle... even though I only need my iBook, my K750i and my iPod. However, I am big on the photo viewer thing and feel if I am to go into the media field with my wife then it may be a cool thing to use to demo work.


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