Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Friday...

Been a great week... Went to Perth yesterday. We went with the kids to a cool indoor play centre called "Noah's Ark". Its huge and the girls love running around using all the slides and stuff. Its set out so that the adults can chill and read / chat / eat while the we'ans run around daft. Good fun. We normally go with our friends from Cowdenbiza but they were away... so it was just us. My wife did some pottery painting with the girls while I worked on the presentation for my old boss.

I think Noah's Ark needs three things to take it from good to great (for adults, anyway, my girls think its the best place ever...)

1) Better coffee - I'm not a big fan of coffee from a machine. Coffee needs the love of a skilled barista or, at the very least, someone with a spoon. Put a costa concession in there and business will grow!
2) Better furniture - Garden furniture is for, wait for it... gardens!!! Sure it is practical for the space and soft enough not to hurt a we'an if they run into it... but my back / bum were not comfy. Now the chairs at the Burrell Collection, they were fab! Wood and leather. A nice wooden chair would be better - classier/upmarket.
3) WiFi - two hours is a long time - I read my paper / chilled with my good lady / built a presentation. If I had WiFi (that didn't require me to sell a kidney to pay for...) I could use my time less productively and check the blogs.

My wife has pointed out that WiFi access may mean you spend more time on the net than watching your we'ans and maybe from a H&S point-of-view this may not be a good idea. She has a great head on her shoulders!

We then went into Perth itself... It's pretty samesy as all other city centres. It has a Costa but I didn't check it out. My wife found TK Maxx and found herself a lovely padded jacket/jumper thing that looks futuristic and trendy. I got nada in TK Maxx. It is a dry spell... I know... but I live in hope of finding another Supreme Tshirt or another pair of Nikes.

I did find a great sale in MVC and picked up 2 CDs for £7.49. "Miles_Gurtu" is a collaboration between the Italian DJ/Producer, Robert Miles (of Children fame (song not Michael Jackson-esque)) and the Asian percussionist Trilok Gurtu. It is amazing... the sound of suprise as the liner notes say. A true synergy of effort. Richly atmospheric with Nitin Sawhney adding to the mix.
I also picked up "Voices from the dust bowl" by Fragile State. This was on my "watch" list and is a truly rewarding CD. Downtempo and chilled with layered vocals and sounds. Brilliantly sculpted and very soulful. Another rewarding experience.

Anyway, that was yesterday... today we chilled - we got up just before noon which never happens normally... too much to do.
My wife worked on some video she is editing and I hit the books - I've been doing a course that was supposed to last 6 months for the last 15 months or so... I don't need it for my work and have been doing it because I am not a quitter... I really need to finish it.

My folks then came over and we all went to the Glasgow Fort. Picked up a pair of jeans that passed my wife's bum test (she could actually see mine) for £11 - I do love TK Maxx (sad I know). I then went to Starbucks in Borders with my dad for a coffee (had to finish my studying) while my mum, my wife and the girls had a look around the shops.

I am so chuffed (look I am sad - I know it! even the barista mentioned it...) but Starbucks have brought back their Gingerbread latte for the Christmas period. I love them with a passion... its up there in my top ten favourite things ever. I was so chuffed.

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