Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today... oops, look at the time - yesterday 2

Had a great day at my folks in Livingston. Just kind of spent time with them - playing "Junior Scrabble" with the we'ans - that sort of thing.

Before we went, my wife and I got our hair cut. I am happy with mine... not too trendy. My wife, on the other hand, isn't happy with her hers. Not sure why... suppose if you've been growing your hair for 4 years and then decide to get it cut off... you are going to have the feeling of loss in not having what you had. Shame... although I miss the librarian look, I do dig the funky Japanese Anime character look.

I also made contact with my old boss who has asked me to do some presentation work for him - I'm not getting paid, just doing it for the kudos. He wanted some suitable background music and the mix CD I did for him is, in his opinion, ideal for the setting - he likes Doves, Coldplay and Snowpatrol and feels his team will too. One down! Now I just hope he likes the powerpoint slides I did for him too... We'll see.

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