Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Morning...

For once the girls let me sleep in to about 1000hrs... I did have to get up before 0800hrs and prepare their breakfast AND a snack to buy me a couple more hours in my scratcher but... it was worth it.

My wife is feeling marginally better... Pain in head and throat is "bearable" which is a good sign. She has also suggested I go out for a coffee (on my own). She has also got dressed (her killer tight jeans are slack on her!!!) Things are possibly, maybe looking up!

Anyway, three albums to listen to when you want to really chill (ie doze):

1) The Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis (minus the silly song in the middle) It is an amazing work that I can not tire of... it is epescially good when you want to sleep - it drowns out background noise well... especially from noisey kids and even noiser neighbours!
2) The Impossible Thrill by Alpha. This is a very delicate album that I can only really listen to when I am chilling because it is so downtempo and relaxed. It feels lazy.
3) They died for beauty by Illya. A wee bit more uptempo than the other two albums but well crafted with exquiste female vocals and interesting production and arrangement. Feels "Cold War Russian" if that makes sense.

Its going to be a good day!

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