Sunday, October 30, 2005

When the music fades...

all is stripped away... and I simply come.

I love this song and our YP Band played it today at church today. It makes sense in my life just now. Music is such an important part of my life - I don't do golf and although I love the mighty 'Well, I don't get to see them play to often. Music is my thing... whether its on the iPod or on internet radio or its live... music is my hobby.

But when the music fades and there is nothing but silence... everything stripped away... all that I am left with is my relationships. My relationship with my wife... with my kids... with my great friends and family. I am blessed to have some great people in my life - I have come to realise this even more with my wife's illness - the support was tremendous!

But when these relationships are stripped away and I am on my own (metaphorically speaking - I know my people are only a call/text/email away) all I have is my relationship with my Lord.

The thing is I invest in my relationships - through spending time on them through conversation - but I don't invest in my relationship with my Lord.

The sermon today at church was on Exodus 16:9-12 - God gave to the Israelites food while they were in the Wilderness. Bread in morning and Quail in the evening. The Israelites were instructed to take only what they needed for the day (except on the day before the Sabbath). They were not to take any more than they needed or it went "wormy" (Message translation).

This got me thinking - Do I base my relationship with the Lord with what He gives me today? or what He gave yesterday? Do I regularly come to Him for a blether? I go for coffees with my pals... I go through to Edinburgh or Cowdenbiza or Gourock and hang out... or call or email or text.

Do I spend enough time in conversation with the Lord? No... I don't. How will I recitfy this? Well I'll invest in Podcasts and find a daily reading that works for me... and I'll make time.

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Kerry said...

It's so true. Glad to know that others remind themselves of just who is in charge and that we should check in more than just once in a while.


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