Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Apple goodies...

So the wait is over... Apple have released some great goodies to the world...

Firstly, we have the new iMacs... Faster / slimmer with a new OS - Front Row and a Remote Control - and an in-built iSight camera. Nice concept and do like the slimmer form.
Secondly, we have an iPod that can play video... Not a "Video iPod"...but an iPod Photo that can play video as well. I like the changes to form they have made and appreciate the additional functionality, especially considering you can output the video to a TV. Means you could carry content and watch it anywhere. Nice!
Thirdly, we have an updated version of iTunes and additional content on the iTMS - glad I can buy (eventually) episodes of Lost for example.

This is the start of things to come... This is just a toe in the water for Apple. Still think is comes short for full length movies (where the PSP rules just now) but it is proving the concept. Where I see the value is vodcasting - move from audio-only podcasting to video & audio podcasting. Will take off! I subscribe to 4 podcasts and 2 are really audio only - Chris Moyles show is radio anyway... but I can see the value in Dev4Gamers being a vodcast - that would be cool!

I am glad for Apple - I want them to build upon their 6.6% PC market share and to maintain their 74% DAP market share. Just wish I had some of their shares!

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