Thursday, October 20, 2005

What's on the iPod?

Been enjoying the following tunes...

1) Freeness - Still digging the fresh sound of Britain - Will write my thoughts on the 2nd disk soon.
2) "Ray of light" by Madonna - When the moon and the sun converge, they create an eclipse - this album is my eclipse with Madonna. Not a big fan of her other work but love this album... Great memories from 1998... It has a spiritual element that I love - Frozen is an amazing track with Craig Armstrong responsible for the strings.
3) Some downloaded tracks from - love this magazine - it has its finger on the pulse, although with an American perspective. They do a weekly podcast and allow you to download the full tracks from the site. This is the second week where all the tracks have been first class. Loving ACS and Dr Israel as two great examples.
4) "Creating Patterns" by 4hero - love this album, especially their take on "Les Fleur" which sounds, dare I say, better than the Minnie Ripperton version. Lovely lush strings over big beats... Nice.
5) The American IV album by Johnny Cash - My dad once said that you listen to JC for the experience and not for his vocals. Never really got it until I listened to this album. "Hurt" sounds as if he wrote it in blood himself rather than being a cover of a NIN track. "Personal Jesus" takes all the venom from the Depeche Mode version and makes it real - JC is singing about his Personal Jesus. It is a phenomenal album and one I am glad to have on the iPod. Powerful stuff...
6) "Hunting high and low" by A-HA. The first album I owned as a we'an. Also a huge favourite of my wife. She fancies Morten, I don't. We both agree on our love for their music, especially this album. It sounds new and dated. I love the beats and the way Morten sings. "The sun always shines on TV" was the first single I ever bought (although my Dad bought it for me... cheers, Dad!) and it is still a favourite song of mine - it is so upbeat.
7) The Sound of Music - no further comment necessary.
8) "Music has the right to children" by Boards of Canada. This is one of the best electronica/ambient/whatever albums I have and it will never grow old. It has such an other-worldly feel about it. The beats are the right-side of chunky for my taste and the music has an atmospheric quality that has yet to be surpassed. Their follow up album "geogaddi" is darker but just as good. I can't wait to here their new album. This is a great chilling album - its on right now.

I love my tunes and grateful for friends suggestions - cheers!

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